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UNESCO & Sustainable Development Goals We Follow

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What we do

Ahaar For All

Global Goal 2

Education For All

Global Goal 4

Clean Water For All

Global Goal 6

Proper Sanitation For All

Global Goal 5 & 6

Healthcare  For Everyone

Global Goal 3

New School Development

Global Goal 4

Sustainable Development

Global Goal 1,2,8 & 12

Computer Lab

Global Goal 4 

Solar Power

Global Goal 7

River Run

Global Goal 14

Global Goal 3

Brick Road Construction

Gloal Goal 11

Best Charitable Trust in Kolkata
Charitable Trust for Tiger Victim Families
Charitable Trust for Tiger Victim Families
Charitable Trust for Tiger Victim Families

What we believe in is to pay it forward.
Today we are helping 800 tiger victim widows & 1000 children in sundarban, we want and we are trying to get them independent so they have a proper livelihood and they can help others too.

Save the tiger victim families of Sundarbans | Help Us to Help Them


Genesis Educational and Charitable Trust (GECT) was established on the 21st of April 2009 to serve the downtrodden of our society. The charitable trust has been relentlessly working for the last 14 years with the poor backward class and underprivileged women and children

We are presently taking care of 800 widowed and underprivileged women and 1000 children in Sundarbans and have completed all our projects like Healthcare, Health Camps, Vaccination, Education For All, School Bags and stationary Kit, School Infrastructure Development, Computer Labs with Computer, Computer Teachers, Projector, Andriod Phones, Internet.

Food as mid-day meal, Health Drinks, Rations, Clothing, Sanitation, and Hygiene, Clean Drinking Water, Recreational Activities for the children. Recently, GECT has adopted 50 horses to provide proper food, medication, and treatment to save these animals of Old Calcutta.

Free of cost health camps and surgeries are been done by Genesis Hospital for people of Sundarbans.

For Sustainable Development Projects we buy Organic Vegetables, Honey, and Crabs from tiger victim families and support them financially. In South Kolkata we have opened the first health cafe major part of the profit goes to tiger victim families of Sundarbans.

We have provided proper sanitation & and hygiene, and we have built 13 washrooms for girls and school Students as well as at Girls Orphanage.

Since 2015 every month we have distributed Ritu sanitary napkins free of cost to around 9600+ women we have served so far.

For clean drinking water, we have placed tubewells in three places which is Mathurakhunda, Bharatghar, and Bijoynagar. 

As recreational activities and annual functions for the kids to show the talents that they have we organize sports meet, and drama performance.

We have adopted 50 horses of old Calcutta to provide proper food medication.

We provide rations every month to tiger victim families at Sundarbans.

For more awareness, we have made a documentary on the people of Sundarban & and we have been selected by the Cannes World Film Festival. Watch the trailer now. Click Here

We are looking forward to our next project: Genesis Eduventure Public School, Classes Nursery to Class Eight, Construction in Progress! 



Years Of Serving Humanity


Widows are been Served


Children's-food, education

“No one has ever become poor from giving"

Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.


Join our community for helping underprivileged kids and widowed of Sundarbans and be a part of a positive change in the world with over:



Days Of Helping Sundarbans Tiger Victims.

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