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Computer Lab

Creating Computer Lab for different schools has now become essential for students from all walks of life. Then why would it be different for the tiger victim students and children?

With this idea, we have identified a few schools and hostels where we have planned to create Computer Labs with proper training modules in order to develop the underprivileged students. We have started with 'Mathurakhanda Surendrasmriti Vidyaniketan' a school in Amlamethi, Sundarbans, and a Student Hostel in Shibganj, Sundarbans where we have already installed 7 computers and 6 computers respectively.

Moreover, GECT has also provided faculties who have started training and guiding the students in a sustainable manner. The students will now explore a new world and make a new beginning in their lives.

This event is aligned with the Quality Education Goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

You can come ahead and donate Laptop, Phone, Printer, Scanner which will be helping kids in Online Classes. also rename the paragraph heading as Computer Lab Development Program.

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