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Clean Water

This is a proud moment for us as we take immense pleasure to announce that we have successfully installed three deep tube wells in three separate regions of Sundarbans for the poor rural villagers who were deprived of clean water so far.

100 ft of water has been discovered in Mathurakhanda after 1060 ft of digging. This is the biggest water layer discovered in recent times in the Sunderbans region. 80 ft water layer has been discovered in Bijoynagar and Bharatgarh after 1160ft and 980ft of digging respectively. There were no tubewells in these regions and the villagers had to travel more than 1.5 km for water. One of the biggest crises of these areas has now disappeared and 1200 villagers (approx.) have reaped the benefit of the Clean Water project.

But there are many regions and blocks in Sundarbans that are deprived of clean drinking water and do not have tube wells or reservoirs. We urge you to come forward and donate to the Clean Water project that can support thousands of villagers.

This project is aligned with the Clean Water and Sanitation Goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

You can come ahead and donate for clean water and tube well

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