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GECT is coming up with new projects to support the tiger victim families of Sundarbans with training and sustainability. Please read below for more and be a partner of this endeavor.


Past Projects

  • Stationeries-Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, Scale, Geometry boxes for 500 students

  • Back to School: School Bags School Books, Exercise Books, School Shoes, Socks, Handkerchiefs

  • Education for All: Tuition Fees, Soft Boards, Computers, Fans, Lights

  • Hygiene & Sanitation: Toilets for both Boys and Girls

  • Aahar for All : Ratios: Dal, Soyabean, Detergent, Soap Bars, Horlicks, Salt

  • School Infrastructural Development: Reconstruction of School And Kitchen used for cooking mid-day meals for 350 children in Amlamethi. Making the benches also providing tables and chairs for computer lab.

  • Clean Drinking Water: 3 Tube wells

  • Sustainable Development Project:Animal Husbandry: Livestock: Goats, Fish Minnows. Chicks: 150 tiger victim families

  • Computer Labs:13 computers:3 places : Computer Course : Faculty Payment

  • Saving the Environment - Planting of trees and distributing plant saplings.

  • Financial Aid : To tiger-attacked families who lost their husband's to the man eaters of Sundarbans

  • Healthcare Facilities: Check-up for Hearing and Speech Impaired Kids of Anwesha and also thorough check-up for the people of Sundarbans.

  • Free of Cost - Surgeries@ Genesis Hospital

  • Entertainment: Lion King : 3D: 1" time: 100 kids: Lunch provided: Fried Rice Chicken

  • Diwali Gifts : Sweets and Crackers: Every Year

  • Tubewell

  • Animal Husbandry

  • River Run

  • Vaccination

  • Brick Road Construction

  • Proper Toilet For Girls


Present Project

  • Aahar for All

  • Chicks to be distributed

  • Fruit Trees To be distributed

  • Plants to be distributed


Future Projects

  • School Project - Gurukul Concept

  • Tourist Destination

  • Home Stay

  • House Boats

  • 3 square Meals Project

  • Free of Cost Education Project

  • River Run

  • Multi Cropping

  • Agricultural & Nutrition Greens

  • Polyclinic

  • Solar Pannel

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