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Last year we built an entire toilet structure equipped with 3 urinals and 1 latrine facility. Moreover, another set of washrooms is been constructed in the girls' hostels. Now the improved facility is hygienic and provides a healthy life to the students.

Charitable Trust in Kolkata

Apart from the infrastructure issue, the school had faced a severe problem with sanitation. The students of ‘Mathurakhanda Surendrasmriti Vidyaniketan’ didn’t have a toilet and sadly they were left with no choice except to go to the fields. Certainly, the need for a toilet was a major concern for us as the students were surviving in unhygienic conditions that often posed a threat to their health.

GET inspected and offered support to the school in every possible way. 

We have started off with new projects where we are distributing the best quality sanitary napkins are been giving monthly to all women and girls in Sundarban.

Come ahead and donate to the Cleaning and Sanitation Development Program

This event is aligned with the and Goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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