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Back to School

This project emphasizes proper school uniforms and shoes that make a huge difference to the tiger victim students of Sundarbans. It creates discipline, manner, value, and integrity. Without uniforms and shoes, a student often fails to consider the importance of attending classes. As a result, the number of dropouts is increasing every year.


Charitable Trust for Under Underprivileged

Education and illiteracy have always been significant issues in India. While campaigning for these issues we often forget to highlight few basic amenities that facilitate students towards their education.

Education For All Starts From Class I

Charitable Trust for Under Underprivileged

In Phase II, we visited ‘Mathurakhanda Surendrasmriti Vidyaniketan’ in Amlamethi village, Gosaba, and took the measurements of the student's feet.

Happily Back To School

Charitable Trust for Under Underprivileged

Their happy faces delighted us, and we promised to come back with more such support. Next time, we are planning to distribute school uniforms so that they do not have to depend on their daily attire.


Charitable Trust for Under Underprivileged

GECT divided this project in various phases. In the Phase I, we have identified few schools which needed this basic support. We found that every single student walks on sleepers and travels a long distance to the school form his / her respective village. It gave us a thought of protecting their health in the most basic manner.

Next Project, English Medium School

Charitable Trust for Under Underprivileged

In Phase III, we purchased school shoes and distributed them to 350 destitute students of the school. Now the students are extremely happy and safe from basic health hazards. No more would they have to walk bare feet to attend their classes.

Class Full Of Talents

Charitable Trust for Under Underprivileged

Here is how you can bring a change to a child's life ! You can sponsor a tiger victim child through this project with a minimum donation for his / her school uniform or shoes and make a difference.

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